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Dirty Dishes

Dirty Dishes™️ - Set of 4 Dirty Plates

Dirty Dishes™️ - Set of 4 Dirty Plates

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When you hear the phrase "dirty dishes," what comes to mind? Likely you picture a pile of plates and pans with grease and grime caked on...

What if dirty dishes could be something fun? Exciting? Even playful?!

Surprise and delight your special someone or friends with Dirty Dishes™️, the naughty way to enjoy any meal or party!

Dirty Dishes™️ are perfect for:

  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Engagement Parties
  • White Elephant Parties
  • College Sororities
  • Teasing your significant other 😉
  • And more!

Each set of Dirty Dishes™️ comes with 4 unique plates that are sure to bring great laughs and endless Instagram opportunities. Plates are 10.5" in diameter, perfect for snacking or meals. And don't worry, they're made from a rugged plastic and are able to handle anything you can put them through!

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Have FUN with Dirty Dishes™️

Your next party or romantic dinner will be a blast when you set out Dirty Dishes™️.